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Prasanna Counselling Centre which works under the aegis of Hindu Seva Pratishtana is an unique institution devoted to provide free counselling and guidance services to the needy clients. Established in 1980 by the founder director of Hindu Seva Pratishtana late Ajith kumar, Prasanna Counselling Centre has grown from strength to strength bringing comfort and solace to thousands of people from different walks of life. Located in Basavanagudi at Ajitashri, Bull Temple Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka. Working time : MON to SAT - 06:30pm to 08:00pm
The number of people who are frustrated, unhappy, sad, feel insecure and helpless is increasing day by day and year by year. You see them in all age groups, especially in adolescents and elderly people, in all classes, in both rural and urban areas. The causative factors maybe in the individual, family or in the society. The individuals are becoming restless and stressed out. This has a negative impact on their well-being, health and efficiency. They are developing negative thinking and negative emotions. Physical and mental suffering is on the raise. Relationships are getting weaker, both within and outside the families. Individuals are not getting the emotional support, encouragement and guidance from friends and relatives as everybody, becoming self-centered and has no time and concern for others. Everybody feels lonely and isolated.
Usually all people have problems and they manage their problems by virtue of their age, experience and wisdom acquired through the years. Often they take the help of friends and relatives in resolving crisis. Occasionally, they may land in complex situations wherein a standard solution may not be forthcoming. Any delay or a wrong solution may worsen the situation and increase their pain. Even in such situation, certain persons manage to cut the Gordian knot by their skill acquired by the trial and error method and to the satisfaction of all concerned. Our tradition and social set-up have a lot of potential to enable such persons to blossom. They are persons who have concern for people and a commitment for a cause.
As a result of increasing industrialization urbanization and complexities of life, people are confronted with varieties of problems. The unceasing trend towards urbanization has multiplied such problems. The accelerated pace of change in life and situations, the range of novel situations available and the wide and diverse options developed with the aim of bringing greater happiness to human beings have ultimately snatched the very sheet anchor of contentment and happy living conditions to a very great extent.
It has been observed by psychologists that persons living in urban environments exhibit the same characteristics as animals in captivity. Towns, cities and metropolitan areas which are described as large crowds of self-centered, isolated individuals living together, provide no opportunity to an individual to evolve himself.
In such complex situations wherein the road to growth is blocked and persons are subjected to enormous stress, extreme tension is the only result. Nowadays, because of the creation of nuclear families, the security and advantages offered by undivided families are also not available. We thus find ourselves in strange situation. Naturally evolved counselors with sensitiveness or Samvedana find themselves no longer technically adequate to tackle the problem of the present age.
This was the motivation for us to start a training centre and also create a model pilot counseling centre which may, ultimately, become the nucleus for a chain of such centres allover.
By a sheer coincidence, we came across Smt.M.C. Pankaja, an experienced teacher and a trained lay counselor who very readily accepted to assume the responsibility and lay a firm foundation for the whole project and create the basic infrastructure. Needless to say she has succeeded in this task admirably.
Subsequently we approached Dr. Mrs. Malavika Kapur at National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) to design a course for lay volunteers with samvedana or sensitivity. She bestowed a lot of time and thought over it and offered her assistance to this project on a sustained basis. After she consented to be associated, her commitment became total. Through untiring efforts, she has motivated scores of persons to develop as successful and efficient counselors. Likewise, Dr. Mohan.K., Isaac, Dr. C.R. Chandrashekhar, Dr. B.N. Gangadhar and Mr. S. Raja Ram of NIMHANS, along with Smt. M.C. Pankaja have matched the efforts of Dr.Mrs. Malavika Kapur with utmost dedication. All these now constitute a successful and efficient professional team to train counselors.
As the availability of natural counselors in the form of grandparents, uncles and aunts, religious and spiritual gurus, elders in the neighbourhood and town is dwindling, people find these natural counselors not acceptable to them. Professional counselors are a few in number and are expensive and not easily reachable. Training lay counselors has gained good momentum. Many people eagerly are opting, to undergo this training. 60 to 70 people are joining the course and 40-50 are completing the training in Prasanna Counseling Centre.
The following are our observations:
1. All most all trainees say that the training course gives them an insight into their own emotions, relationship problems. Their outlook changes and they are in a better position to understand the talk and behavior of their family members.
2. Majority, say that training has improved their personality and their coping skills.
3. They could give more practical suggestions to people who are facing psychosocial problems
4. Many are associating themselves with NGOs and doing social service activities.
Thus it is very satisfying to see very ordinary people, getting motivated to work as ‘lay counselors‘. They are succeeding in supporting and guiding individuals and their families to manage the psycho-social-emotional problems.

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Prasanna Counselling Centre was started in the year 1980 as a Project of Hindu Seva Pratishtana.
The Centre works from 6.00 PM to 9.00 PM on all days of the week except Sunday. The centre gets around six to eight cases every day. Four to five trained counsellors will be available in the Centre to help them. We, the counsellors welcome clients, talk to them and find out why they have come to the centre. After assessing their problem, we refer mentally ill persons to our Psychiatrists who are present in the centre.
The rest of the problems like interpersonal relationships, marital disharmony, attempted suicide, scholastic problems, are handled by our counsellors and try to help the clients to come out of their problems.



Prasanna Counselling Centre is providing the services of Psychiatrists from the beginning. Their help is easily available in our centre. The doctors many a times may ask the clients to visit their hospital for further treatment. People feel that is really a boon for the society. All these services are free of cost. Our first 10 years, we had a series of doctors from NIMHANS, who supported Prasanna Counselling Centre with regard to patients and also in our training programmes as Faculty members. The following doctors have rendered their yeoman service to the society through Prasanna Counselling Centre.
To name them, Dr. Ravi Kapur, Dr. Malavika Kapur, Dr. Mohan Issaic, Dr. C R Chandrashekar, Dr. Ajit Bide, Dr. Gurudutt, Dr. Rajaram, Dr. Pramila and Dr. Gangadhar. The services of the doctors are continuing even today. The present team of doctors rendering their services is Dr. N R Prashant, Dr. Shankar, Dr. Shashidhar and Dr. Ravi Bellubbi. The patients are given medicines free of cost and the service provided is unique.



Prasanna Counselling Centre has been conducting training programmes in Counselling and Guidance for all these years and in the year2016, we have completed the 42nd batch. Nearly 100 Trainees have been trained in the outgoing batch. Many a time we are forced to conduct the training programme on Sundays also. The course term is of six months and a very nominal fee is charged for this training programme.
The centre has a team of professional faculty members from various walks of life with high qualification and experience. We have framed our own syllabus to cover all the topics of the training programme. Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers and Educationalists are involved to train the aspirant counsellors and classes are conducted on two days in a week. All our outgoing trainees will be given certificates after attending practical sessions of the training programme. The practical sessions are conducted under the guidance of our Chief Co-ordinator Smt. M C Pankaja.



Child Guidance Centre is also a part of Prasanna Counselling Centre from the beginning. Dr. Malavika Kapur, retired Professor of Psychology from NIMHANS is taking care of this project. She has a number of teachers who are specially trained with regard to child development and education. The Child Guidance Centre works on Saturdays from 1.00 PM to 6.00 PM. Many parents visit the centre and seek help from all these experts.



21st Century has no value for marital relationships. We have come across cases wherein couples walk in just after two to three months of their marriage seeking separation. Prasanna Counselling Centre thought that a legal cell would be very useful for such clients and have started the same. Dr. Geetha Krishnamurthy, PhD, who is a Research Scholar in Legal Studies, has taken the responsibility of counseling such clients, which is again a very vast subject.

Our Chief Co-ordinator Smt. Pankaja is grateful to all the experts who are helping Prasanna Counseling Centre.



Prasanna Counselling Centre for the last 10 years is busy with its project of Internships for Post Graduate students from Christ, Jain, Bangalore, Mysore, Kuvempu Universities, and IGNOU. The students are sent to our centre for practical experience. The students who have attended the practical sessions will learn the skills of handling clients in distress and have learnt to face such clients and help them. These practical sessions are normally headed by our chief Co-ordinator.

Prasanna Counselling Centre is running a branch at New Delhi and also at Malleshwaram and Abalashrama (D V G Road, Basavanagudi) in Bangalore 


Dr. AK Senguptha

an excellent centre, managed and utilized.
Thanks and congratulations to Ms. Pankaja for excellent leadership. god bless.

Dr. N. Janakiramaiah
Professor of Psychology NIMHANS

It is a great service and very usefull institution.

Dr. Bakre R. H.
Med.Supt. Hospital for mental Health

Feel proud to be amongest the comitted workers.

Dr. G. Mohan Kumar
Chairman, Department of Psychology, Bangalore University

Very dedicated team for the cause of humanity. I wish all the best.

Frainer Jasmin
IBK University, Austria

Did my practical training for psychology in India. I learnt a lot and I had a great time in the counseling centre. I met a lot of very kind people and I learnt not only for my studies but also for life.

Lt Col S.K.Salujha
Associate professor, Dept of Psychiatry
Armed Forces Medical College, Pune

A very enriching experience. A very active and dedicated team of counselors at the centre. Keep up the good work.

Jyothi Vishwas Parchur

I like the less money service to people as it helps the lower sections of the society to understand the importance of it. Thank you for the inspiration. I am inspired and motivated by the volunteer spirit and the down to earth approach. Thanks and warm regards to Panjaka madam.

Lary Hellman
Psychotherapy and Spirituality Institute, New York

It has been my great pleasure to spend an evening with the 28th batch as they complete their 6 months training. Great joy and congratulations.

Dr. N. Achouba Singh
Psychiatrist, Manipur

I fell like joining this centre as a trainee. It is very excellent work that they are doing. We all felt enriched in counseling for various common problems in all age group people.

Daniez Michezson
Clinical Psychologist, London

Thank you so much for sharing your experiences of working at Prasanna. I wish you all the best with your important work here.

Vishal Bhavsar

Thank you for deeply humbling experience. I fell reaffirmed in what I have chosen to do in life.

Helen Herrman

Thank you for an inspiring. The dedication and success of this work is excellent and will continue to inspire many.

Michael Deslippe

Thank you for your warmth and friendly words. I am so grateful to meet people so warm, kind, well prepared and knowledgeable.

K.C. Darbary
Trainer, Neuro-linguistic programming

Enjoyed participation from a wonderful crowd of counselors.

Maj.T.S. Walia
Armed Medical College,Pune

A unique institute of its kind. Nice knowing

Sital Kumar Palbabu

Lots of co-operation, understanding and commitment among earth other

Anjana Rajish
New Delhi

Great work! Ms.Pankaja is leading by example. Unique in a way and you just do not provide counseling but also social support

Sneha Mishra

Real piece of work that shows commitment of people. Keep up and do good for the community.

Sharati. R. Khodiyar

I am really happy to visit Prasanna Centre. I have understood lot about the real volunteer work, extremely commendabale.

HOD, Dept of Social Work, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu

May the god give all the people involved in this centre a long life to solve others problems.

Soujanay Chetluru
The Ohio State University
Yuva Sewa International

I Sincerely thank everyone at the center for giving me such a valuable opputunity. I can proudly say that i have become a part of this wonderfull family

Sushma Kashi

They say the true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit

Smitha Kashi

The internship, in this counselling environment, was a most effetive conclusion to my Post Graduate program in Guiadance and Counselling

Vidya P S
MSW 1st Year (Vidya Vikas First Grade College)
PG Department of Social work

I am much Impressed with the fact that those who are trained lay counselling at this centre are getting hands on experience..

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